Mippo's Page

Hello there, Mippo fans, and welcome to my own little corner of the site. I thank The Hoopiest Frood kindly for giving me a corner of the site to call my own, and hatefully curse the person who has claimed www.mippo.com and yet has no site up. What is the point of that eh? They've had it for years and there's nothing there - think of all the good I could do with it! Shame on them. Anyway, I've got a bit off topic - where was I? Oh yes! Welcoming you all to my little refuge on the world wide webiverse, I'm your guide, the ever humble Mippo the Hippo. Come in, have a look around, put your feet up, and enjoy your stay here. If you fancy making me a cup of tea or perhaps some macaroni cheese I wouldn't complain. And if you desperately want to vacuum the place I probably couldn't stop you anyway. See you around.

About Mippo.

Want to know more about your favourite miniature hippo? Who exactly is your wonderful host in this part of the site? Why am I so cool? How did I come to be writing this? Well you've come to the right place! Congratulations on being clever enough to at least manage that.

Mippo's Blog.

Now, this little bit of the site contains my diary, which to be honest I don't update that often due to my hectic hippo social life. But I should do, and I promise I'll try and be better about writing in it in the future. Warning: may contain glimpses into this hippo's fabulous life, which will make you rather envious. Don't feel too bad - not everyone can live the kind of life I do.

Mippo's Cohorts.

I've decided to fill this bit of my site with some writings about my friends. As I am such a lovely hippo I obviously have a lot of friends and each of them are almost as equally cool as me. This section of the site was not stolen from The Hoopiest Frood and I will deny any accusations to my deathbed.

Mippo's Guide To Hippos

Ever wondered about hippos? How long do they live? What do they like to eat? What is their favourite brand of shoes? Well here I will give you my own personal insight into life as a hippo, and a section on some of my favourite hippos (other than myself of course!). This has been exhaustively researched I'll have you know by myself and a team of lackeys so I hope you truly appreciate the effort. Note: some or all of these claims may have been exaggerated.

So thanks for stopping by. Pop into the forum and leave me a message if you like - otherwise I'll see you next time. Toodlepip.

My own little corner of the 'net.

Why hello there, how are you?

Mippo says 'hi' by the way.

I hope you are enjoying yourself.

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