Contacting The Hoopiest Frood.

If you would like to contact me there are two main ways of doing this. If it is something you would like to comment on and open up for discussion with myself and others, feel free to join the forum and post it there.

If you would like to e-mail me you can here: and I will do my best to reply to you as quickly as I possibly can.

I also go by the name 'thehoopiestfrood' pretty much everywhere on the net (unless there is a character limit, in which case I will be 'hoopiestfrood' which irritates me slightly), so if you see me on another forum or hovering about somewhere feel free to say 'hi'. And if you already know me, I'll no doubt be rambling away to you already on one IM or another.

Contacting Mippo.

If you would like to contact Mippo, you can again join the forum and talk to him there or you can e-mail him here: and hopefully he'll reply if he's in the mood. I'll try my best to make him reply to you.

Mippo doesn't use the internet as much as I do, meaning you are unlikely to find him elsewhere on the net and his big hippo feet make typing in real time difficult, so he hasn't quite got the hang of instant messengers yet. However he is angling for a site of his own, as having his own section of this site has given him quite an inflated sense of self worth. If he does get a site of his own, trust me, he'll let you know all about it.

My own little corner of the 'net.

Why hello there, how are you?

Mippo says 'hi' by the way.

I hope you are enjoying yourself.

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